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Other Small Business Support during COVID-19

Online Services and Private Companies:

There are ways to continue to learn and grow your business during this time sheltering in place. While we are promoting online webinar series from our in house options on our events page, additionally many private companies are also extending a hand to small business owners navigating the current situation, as well.

Inc Magazine has a great round up of services being offered for free / very low cost during this time that business owners may find helpful. From Facebook, Amazon, and Yelp to marketing solutions and even mental health, check out their (constantly updated) list for more.

Private Grants and Funding Opportunities:

  • Yelp’s Relief for affected businesses
    Yelp is providing $25 million in COVID-19 relief for independent restaurant and nightlife businesses in the form of waived advertising fees, and free advertising, products, and services.
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