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What makes the National Entrepreneur Center different?

Each organization that resides at the National Entrepreneur Center is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the businesses that visit the center. From free business coaching and advisory boards to export assistance and low-cost business seminars, there is something for every business here at our center. Since 90% of all the businesses in Florida have fewer than ten employees, most of the businesses that visit the center tend to be smaller businesses. However, there are resources, programs, and connections for businesses at any stage of development.

Traditional economic development agencies typically focus on recruiting new companies to our state, while also working to retain Florida businesses. We have created a very collaborative, efficient, and networked environment that can serve companies who wish to move here and assist the ones who are already here. At the same time, we can nurture the seeds of the ideas that will become the companies of tomorrow.

3201 E Colonial Dr Suite A-20,
Orlando, FL 32803
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