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Can I get a grant to start my business?

Occasionally grants may be available for starting a business. However, finding a grant that applies to your business and qualifying can be a time-consuming process, especially for a for-profit entity. The first step is to locate a grant provider and…

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How do I start a business?

First of all, we recommend coming to the center and engaging the resources provided here. You can also view a summary of the start-up by clicking on the "Business Toolbox".

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Where do I obtain an application for an SBA loan?

All lenders that participate with the SBA have applications available. However, since there are several variations of SBA’s loan programs, it is helpful to check with your lender or visit one of our service providers before filling out an application

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How do I apply for an SBA Loan?

SBA offers several loan programs which are described at its website ( The SBA does not make loans directly, but it will guarantee loans made by SBA approved lenders. You can locate a business counselor who can assist you in…

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What is a business plan and why do I need one?

A business plan precisely defines your business, identifies your goals and serves as a road map for your success. The basic components include a summary of your idea, your marketing plans and your financial projections a balance sheet, an income…

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