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SCORE: Get Your Local Business On Google Search and Maps


Learn about Google’s free tool for local businesses who want to connect with local customers on Google Search and Maps.In this session you'll learn how to:• Create or claim your Profile on Google• Manage your business info across Google Search and Maps• Use this tool to connect with potential customersLed by Pamela Starr, a professional…

SCORE: Understanding Business Loan Proposals


Do you have a great idea for a business and the only thing standing in your way is the money to give it some legs? Or, you already own your own business but could use some extra capital to take things to the next level? You have come to the right place! In this presentation,…

SCORE: Tax Boot Camp for Small Business Owners


This seminar is specifically developed for small business owners who have little to no experience or understanding of the role and impact of income taxes on their businesses. It is facilitated by experienced Tax Professionals and is designed to provide ideas and tax strategies that can be shared with one's tax advisor. %%

SCORE: Internet Marketing Series 5 of 5 – Email Marketing for 2023


or many small businesses, marketing means having a social media page and maybe a website. To effectively market your business and its products or services, marketing needs to be much more than that. This series of 5 workshops are designed to develop an effective and unified marketing plan for your small business or nonprofit.This series…

SCORE: Out-Compete Your Competition


Business is competitive. But there are ways to come out on top. Some will look at the competition and think they need to speak negatively about them and fret that they may lose out. This does not need to be the case. In this webinar, we are going to discuss ways that you will separate…

SCORE: How to Leverage Your Personality to Sell More – Part 3 of 3


Part III: Measure Success, Celebrate WinsCreating your Success Plan is the first step, but how do we know we are making progress? This workshop will review what we learned in Part I and Part II of this series. In our review of Personalities, Generations, and Languages of Appreciation, we will tie it all together with…

SCORE: Reach Customers Online with Google


Learn how customers find your business online and how to promote your business using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Smart Campaigns in Google Ads. In this session you will learn how to: ● Improve your website’s visibility in Google’s organic search results, on all devices● Maximize SEO strategies that are most important in 2021● Attract…

SCORE: 3 Must-Do Digital Strategies With the Highest Return


Social media is a top strategy in your marketing tool box, but did you know that it always works synergistically with 3 other critical digital campaigns? What are they? Join us at this workshop to discover 3 marketing tactics every business must do (and most aren't) with social media to take their marketing to another…

SCORE: Starting Your New Business


This workshop is designed to guide you through the steps necessary for starting a business.It covers the different legal business entities, licenses needed, taxes and insurance. We explain what business plans are all about and show you how to collect business information and research. You will learn about capital funding and the lender's view of…

SCORE: Marketing Your Business


For people who want to obtain trial by customers and growth for their business, whether it is a product, service or both. It explains various marketing strategies and contains many practical marketing tips. It will help you define your mission, analyze your situation, conduct research, identify your target market, and develop your marketing mix. %%http://

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