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Developing a Three Year Financial Forecast


If borrowing money, lenders will demand it. This workshop will show you how to estimate monthly sales and expenses using a free SCORE forecasting template.This workshop will cover the following topics:• How to estimate monthly sales • What expense categories need to be in your forecast and how to estimate them.• How to use the…

How to Start a Non-Profit


This workshop is for anyone looking to start a non-profit and is committed to providing community service. The presenter will show you step by step, how to set up a non-profit in 6 months, without a lawyer.How to create a legal non-profit structureMapping out your program serviceMaking the case for funding %%

Quick Tips to Refresh Your Older Website


Learn 7 simple tricks that you can do today to make your website look updated and more modern.Does your business website need a more modern feel to attract and hold viewers' attention? Consider a refresh without a complete a full rebuild. This free webinar will give you some quick, easy tips that you can implement…

How to Write Effective Marketing Emails


Amp up your email marketing with effective subject lines, powerful images and videos, and the all-important Call To Action. From lure to hook, we’ll help you reel in more business. If “location! location!” is the key to retail success, “content! content!” is the key to email marketing. Compelling subject lines open the door and the…

Understanding Business Loan Proposals


Do you have a great idea for a business and the only thing standing in your way is the money to give it some legs? Or, you already own your own business but could use some extra capital to take things to the next level? You have come to the right place! In this presentation,…

Starting Your New Business


This workshop is designed to guide you through the steps necessary for starting a business.It covers the different legal business entities, licenses needed, taxes and insurance. We explain what business plans are all about and show you how to collect business information and research. You will learn about capital funding and the lender's view of…

Users, Buyers, and Influencers


There are several players that you must influence in order to bring a sales effort to a successful conclusion. These are the product or service user, the actual buyer, and those that influence the purchase decision. Whether these are actually the same person or not, your chances of success are greatly improved by understanding their…

Increase Sales with your Most Profitable Customers


You can increase sales by knowing how to attract the customers you want the most. In this workshop, you will learn:How to find your best customers who pay, stay, and refer others like themselves (and stop serving the customers who want everything but expect to pay nothing)A case study of American Express and how they…

Coffee with a Leader: Mindset for Success


Discover what maybe holding you back form what you want in life and business. We will also be covering aspects as to why your habits, beliefs and behaviors play a big part in life and how you can make a shift to achieve anything you choose. We will discuss our decision making process and how…

The Top Social Media Platforms a Business Needs in 2023


There are over 250 social media and automation platforms for a business to use. How do you decide what is best for your business? This workshop will streamline and simplify it so you can make an educated decision on what is right for your small business to move the needle and get results. Agenda...Learn the…

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