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We Are Your One-Stop Small Business Solution

You'll find an innovative collaboration of small business assistance unlike anything anywhere else in the world.

  • Free One-On-One Business Coaching
  • Low-Cost Seminars
  • Use of Our Computer Lab
  • Valuable Database Programs
  • Industry Specific Events
  • Loan Advisement
  • Technical Assistance
  • International Trade Programs

How We Help

We provide the business support and assistance that will help your small business grow and thrive. Because our community sponsors have invested in our small business community, these services are at little or no cost to you! Discover our success.

Existing Businesses

“My experience with the center goes back almost 14 years… I attended a couple of interesting and stimulating seminars here. One was on business strategy, and the second one was marketing strategy… and I was immensely pleased and actually educated in what a small business needs to do to go to the next level in terms of developing a strategy.”

— Sharad Mehta – Screen Works USA

New Businesses

“Personally the center has been an invaluable resource for [our business]. It’s the convenience… I think what we appreciate about it is that it’s a one-stop-shop for all your business needs, to find organizations that are unique to what your passions are.”

— Laresa Tapia and Carolyn Izzo – Polyblox


“To me what makes the National Entrepreneur Center special and unique is really the sense of family and collaboration. You really feel, as a business, that sometimes things can be very lonely, especially at the top. When you have a group right behind you, that’s there for you in your local community, that can help support your efforts at every stage… that is priceless!”

— Lydia Chicles – Bold Technologies


“I was able to talk to retired executives for assistance with my business plan. I was able to network and talk with other business with two chambers, and get a lot of assistance with my sales plan and my marketing plan and a lot of great business advice here at the National Entrepreneur Center.”

— Courtney Powell – Ace Applications

Featured Events

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